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Welcome to your proven favorite, local moving company, Portland-Move. We have proven ourselves as one of the best local moving companies in the region.

Let our specialized, friendly and strong movers help you get into your new home or office.

You can also use our moving estimate tool to help you plan for your upcoming move.

Moving Helpers - Labor Only Services $40

Per Hour, Per Mover

Movers by the hour - 2 hour minimum weekdays, 5 hour minimum weekends

Our movers will come to your home to help load/unload. We also offer packing services at this rate. No Truck Is Provided for Labor Only Service
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Full Service Move $144.20

Per Hour

2 Movers And A Truck

2 movers will come to your home to help you move your home. Truck, moving blankets, tools for assembly and disassembly are included in this service.
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Portland-Move | Moving Services FAQs

Rates and Availability

  • Our Full-Service Moving Service rates are set by the Oregon Department Of Transportation (ODOT website) and Oregon Moving and Storage Association (OMSA website).

    For 2 movers and a truck, general moving services cost $144.20 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum on jobs Monday through Friday.

    Weekend Charges are $144.20 per hour with a five (five) hour minimum charge (Saturday and Sunday).

    These charges do not include overtime hours, which are defined as any time of operation after 7 PM, until 7 AM. Overtime rates for two movers and a truck are $186.60 per hour.

    Holiday rates are available, upon request.

    For a standard, labor only move with 2 movers where you drive the truck, our hourly rate is $80 per hour. 

  • Our normal working hours are from 7 AM until 7 PM. After our closing times, we offer our movers an overtime rate which is passed along to you. The increase will only be applied to moves that go more than 30 minutes over the normal working time.

    To combat any additional hourly charges, and burning out our fabulous moving crews, we have 2-3 time slots available for customers who are thinking the length of moves may take a full day.

  • While we do sometimes have availability for short notice moves, we would prefer a booking to be made in 72 hours or greater for local moves.

  • Absolutely! We offer walk through estimates for all local moves.

What should I do to prepare for my move?

  • We have a handy moving checklist that can be found by following this link

    Moving Checklist

  • We will bring all relevant tools, dollies and moving pads to make your move as simple as possible. We do recommend having extra shrink wrap (plastic wrapping) and tape. We also recommend having a couple boxes handy in case there are things needing to be boxed up last minute.

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Taker a peek at what people are saying about us on our review page. This is also where you can go to leave us a review of your service. 

Let us know how we did and if there is anything we can do to improve your experience.

PDX – We Love Moving Portland!

What is different about Portland-Move? We have our hometown in mind with every move.

Moving Companies produce massive amounts of waste:

New boxes, large gas guzzling trucks, environmentally toxic and non renewable products/packaging… To us, it is a huge mess and we weren’t doing enough to decrease our effect on the planet.

Our focus is and has been decreasing the waste that is so apparent in the industry while offering the best service possible.

Whenever the chance falls upon us, we find and utilize recycled products, recommend and use well-maintained rental truck fleets and offer low VOC products for packing and moving your home.

Every effort counts and we truly enjoy where we live. We want to keep it beautiful and open to all who wish to enjoy living here.

Work with and trust us with your move and help us try to make a difference in how our industry affects our planet.

Get prepared for your move.

If you are thinking of moving or currently in the process of moving, check out our moving checklist.The link is below will take you to our checklist. We have a handy printable version for you in preparation for moving day.



Let’s chat! As a moving helper business we know that you may have questions about our service. Feel free to send us an email or give us a call with any questions you may have.

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