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Beaverton, OR is the seventh largest city in Oregon with a population of over 98,000 according to 2021 U.S. Census data. Beaverton is also the second largest city in Washington County, is home to a thriving tourist destination, and is Nike’s current global headquarters.

Not only is there plenty to do within and around Beaverton, but it’s a great place to settle down and raise a family. We completely understand why you’d be interested in moving to Beaverton. There’s something to enjoy during every season in this beautiful Oregon city. 

Thinking About Moving to Beaverton?

If you are interested in moving to Beaverton, or if you have already fallen in love with Beaverton and want to remain local, contact Portland Move today. Portland Move offers high-quality, professional moving services for those moving in and out of Beaverton. Allow our capable moving crew to get you to your new home in the Beaverton, OR area.

Our Beaverton Packing & Moving Services

  • Residential Moves: Whether you are moving houses, apartments, or condos, Portland Move is proud to offer residential moving services to help you relocate with ease.
  • Commercial and Office Moves: We know commercial moves can be complex and overwhelming, but we are more than qualified to handle anything.
  • Local Moves: We service local moves within the following Oregon areas: Portland, Beaverton, Gresham, Happy Valley, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, Oregon City, and Tigard. 
  • Long Distance Moves: For moves greater than 50 miles outside of Portland, you can rely on Portland Move to get you where you need to go.
  • Packing and Storage: Whether relocating from an apartment, condo, home, or office, we have you covered with our convenient packing and storage services.
  • Piano and Antique Moving: We bring the skill, equipment, and experience necessary to move your piano or antiques. 

More About Portland Move

At Portland Move, we like think of ourselves as experts in moving around our Oregon communities. We’ve been locally owned and operated since our inception. Our moving crews live and work in Beaverton, so we have vast knowledge of the 13 neighborhoods that make up this community.

Along with providing essential, insider knowledge for our local moving customers, we always go the extra mile to ensure we get our customers where they need to go with ease. We provide specialized customer support, updating moving customers through every step of the process. We don’t have hidden charges and we don’t waste time; we promise to get your move done as efficiently and safely as possible. 

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Life in Beaverton 

The city of Beaverton is divided into 13 neighborhoods: Central Beaverton, Denney Whitford, Raleigh West, Five Oaks, Triple Creek, Greenway, Highland, Neighbors Southwest, Sexton Mountain, South Beaverton, Vose, West Beaverton, and West Slope. 

Interestingly, the housing market is evenly divided between renters and homeowners. According to data pulled from RentCafe, about 50% of households are renter-occupied while the remaining 50% are owner-occupied. So, no matter what type of residence you’re interested in, you’re likely to find something to suit your needs in one of Beaverton’s neighborhoods. 

Cost of Living

When evaluating cost of living, Beaverton is more expensive to live in compared to neighboring cities and the national average. Most of this cost is attributed to housing, transportation, and grocery prices. 

Though the cost of living is higher, many who reside in Beaverton do so because of its suburban feel and thriving community. There’s plenty to do from shopping to exploring, and there’s always a new spot to visit when you live in Beaverton. 


If you’re new to Oregon, you might want to invest in a good rain jacket before settling in. For the seasons of fall, winter and spring, the weather is typically filled with rainy days. It’s pretty standard for Oregon cities, but there is an upside to the gloomy, rainy weather. Beaverton doesn’t have harsh winters; it’s common to see little to no snowfall during the year. Also, the summers are mild and rarely all that humid.

Job Opportunities

Beaverton has plenty of employment opportunities for young professionals looking to build a career. Currently, the unemployment rate sits at 5.2%, lower than the national average. It’s also a 15-minute drive from downtown Portland, so the job market is plentiful for prospective Beaverton residents. 

Of the companies based in Beaverton, the largest are Nike, Vtech, Open Connectivity Foundation, Accelerant Networks, and Tektronix. 

Activities & Attractions in & Around Beaverton

Whether you’re itching to explore the outdoors or wanting to stroll down a shop-lined street, Beaverton has plenty of attractions suited for any activity.

Outdoor Fun

Cooper Mountain Nature Park 

Cooper Mountain Nature Park is a 230-park that overlooks the edge of Beaverton. With breathtaking views and over 3 miles of hiking trails, it’s a great place to stretch your legs with friends and family.

There’s also a vineyard within Cooper Mountain Nature Park that’s worth a visit for some locally harvested and mulled wine. 

Jenkins Estate 

Since it was purchased in 1976, Jenkins Estate has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It includes over 60 acres of grounds on the northwest slope of Cooper Mountain. It’s worth a visit for the scenery alone, but it’s also a place to explore some of Oregon’s history. The buildings on the grounds preserve a look that embodies the early 20th century. 

Fanno Creek Greenway Trail

Fanno Creek Greenway Trail begins at the Garden Home Recreation Center and includes 4.5 miles of forest-facing trails. It’s a great location for biking, walking, running, wildlife viewing, and more. 

Indoor Fun

AMC DINE-IN Progress Ridge 13 

Formerly known as Cinetopia Progress Ridge 14, this theater is a Beaverton favorite. You can head to the movies for an enjoyable evening with your loved ones. With drink and food service to boot, it’s perfect for a date night or family night. 

Uptown Beer Co.

Uptown Beer Co. is a pub, a beer garden, and a bottle shop all rolled into one. This location features live music and seasonal events. And they’ve got 35 taps of craft beer available to choose from, so you can always find something new to try each time you visit.

Beaverton Town Square

Expect to find whatever your shopper’s heart desires at Beaverton Town Square. Designed as an outdoor mall, Beaverton Town Square has 28 stores for you to parous as you take in the outdoors.

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