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Gresham is a beautiful suburb and is the home to 110,000 residents. People are drawn to Gresham for its family friendly neighborhoods, great schools, job opportunities and proximity to Oregon’s largest city, Portland. It is no wonder that once people move into Gresham they are more than likely to stay for a while. In fact, 88% of residents in 2022 are in the same house as the previous year and 8% are in the same county. 

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If you are interested in moving to Gresham, or if you have already fallen in love with Gresham and want to remain local, contact Portland Move. Portland Move offers amazingly high-quality moving service for those moving in and out of Gresham. 

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Portland Move for attentive and fast residential and commercial moves. Our affordable rates and no hidden charges will ensure you hire us with confidence. And because we live and work in Gresham, we have vast knowledge of the many neighborhoods that make up this community.

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Soon you will find out why so many of your neighbors, friends and colleagues have chosen us for their relocations:

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Life in Gresham

Most of Gresham’s residents own their own homes and it consists of 16 neighborhood associations. Gresham is known for its upscale living and its affluent homes, but like any city, there are some areas safer than others. If you are looking for a family friendly safe neighborhood you will want to check out homes near Powell Valley, City Center and NE 181st Avenue. 

Cost of Living

Gresham does have a higher cost of living compared to the national average by about 19%. Although the cost of living is high, people are more drawn to Gresham and other suburbs rather than Portland, which has a cost of living 30% higher than the national average. 


If you are new to Oregon, you might have heard the common joke about it always raining. Well, that is a very accurate description of Gresham’s Climate. For the seasons of fall, winter and spring, the weather is typically filled with rainy days. Gresham doesn’t have harsh winters and it is very common to see no snowfall during the year. If it does snow and it sticks, typically the snow will only last a few hours to a few days. The summer’s are beautiful and very rarely get too hot. 

Job Opportunities

The beautiful thing about Gresham is that it is about 30 minute away from Portland, so residents have a lot of amazing job opportunities with a relatively short commute.Two of the largest businesses in Gresham are Boeing and ON Semiconductor.


Boeing is the “world’s largest aerospace company and leading provider of commercial airplanes, defense, space and security systems, and global services. Building on a legacy of aerospace leadership, Boeing continues to lead in technology and innovation, deliver for its customers, and invest in its people and future growth.”

At the Gresham location, Boeing employs around 1800 people and is continually expanding ever since its opening in 2012. 

ON Semiconductor

ONSEMI mission is to “push innovation to create intelligent power and sensing technologies that solve the most challenging customer problems. Our employees are inspired each day to increase stakeholder value through high-quality and high-value products and services.”

Activities & Attractions in & Around Gresham

Gresham is a beautiful city with Oregon greenery. Whether you are outdoorsy or somebody who loves being inside, there is something for everyone. 

Outdoor Fun

Oxbow Regional Park

Are you an outdoor enthusiast who is seeking a new place to explore? Oxbow Regional Park in Gresham park is a beautiful place to hike with its 12 miles of trails between the river bends of the Sandy River. 

There are plenty of things to do in the Oxbow:

  • Camp in the Portland woods
  • Track and study wildlife such as mink, beavers, deer and black bears
  • Study all about Pacific Northwest mushrooms
  • Reserve the group shelter for parties, company picnics or family reunions

Gresham Japanese Garden

The Gresham Japanese Garden is located on 21 acres. The prestigious garden is filled with Broadleaf evergreens, pruned pines, vivid azalea and plenty of other trees, plants and flowers. The garden, which rests on Tsuru island, was created by the convergence of David Creek and Johnson Creek. 

Gresham Golf Course

Looking to get out and go golfing? Gresham Golf Course might be your destination. Course

details include; 

Holes: 18
Yardage: 6047
Course Rating: 68.8
Slope Rating: 120

Springwater Corridor Trail

The Springwater Corridor Trail will end up being 21 miles once completed. The loop is perfect for people who are walking, jogging, pushing a stroller, or riding a bike. The Corridor connects several parks and open spaces including Tideman Johnson Nature Park, Beggars-tick Wildlife Refuge, the I-205 Bike Path, Leach Botanical Garden, Powell Butte Nature Park, and Gresham’s Main City Park.

According to, Common species spotton along the corridor “include crow, robin, starling, song sparrow, Bewick’s wren, house finch, cedar waxwing, violet-green swallow, belted kingfisher, great blue heron, mallard, wood duck, bushtit, black-capped chickadee, raccoon, opossum, nutria, and mole species. Less developed areas support greater diversity, including black-tailed deer, coyote, deer mouse, vole, bat, western fly-catcher, black-headed grosbeak, orange-crowned warbler, common merganser, and woodpecker. Mountain lions have been sighted.”

Indoor Fun

Although many people want to spend their time outdoors, Oregon weather often doesn’t permit consistent outdoor activities. Therefore, Gresham also has many indoor activities for people to enjoy, including bars, restaurants, and family-friendly activities. 

Mt Hood Lanes

If you are looking for a fun activity then maybe check out Mt. Hood Lanes. Mt. Hood Lanes has a family-friendly atmosphere where you can bowl and eat. Mt. Hood lanes is the perfect place to get together with friends, or to host parties.

Mt. Hood Lanes offers bowling at exceptional prices and convenient hours. They are open until either 11 pm or 12 am depending on the day.

Gresham Cinema & Wunderland

Not only does Gresham Cinema have showings of all of the latest movies, it also has a wunderland attached.Wunderland is an arcade full of vintage and modern video games that are cheap to play. 

So whether you want to see a movie, or play some games at the arcade, Gresham Cinema is the place to be!

Other Gresham Areas Served

Portland Move not only serves Portland and Gresham but also services many other local cities including; 

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