History – Our business ideas and why we use rentals.

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At Portland-Move, we are focused on how we can continually improve our business and serve you better. Our focus from the inception of our business was to describe a model that embodies what we believe in, how we can stay focused on the future and we we can do now to improve the industry we choose to work within.

Truck Rentals and who we choose to work with.

The moving industry  is a fairly simple business model:

Pick things up and put them down.

This idea led to innovation by creating new products, lines of services and the ability to relocate people and business globally. ?

While we were working for these national full service companies we found a few things to be amiss. ?

The biggest problem was that customer support was embodied by the people who had feet on the ground with little to no communication between us and the administration. We relied on our tools and vehicles to ensure quality service for those who chose to utilize our service. All of us, and everyone we slugged pianos with daily, put our hearts and bodies into every action. Having issues in the field meant life or death to the quality of service we expected of ourselves during the work day.

A quick step back and story

Thinking back, we recall one instance that affected the owners of Portland-Move. They were employees for another company at the time. During a large-scale job, they were left stranded along the side of the road.

The truck in ues that day had not been properly maintained.

They sat along the side of the road until a replacement vehicle was ordered and sent

Once the load was shifted to the new truck, they continued to finish the job and make these amazing customers happy.

And then it broke down

During the payment collection time demanded full payment that included the breakdown time, stating, “it was an act of God”. While we did not agree with how the situation was being handled we were powerless. As movers we were left unheard by management. On top of that, the customer was left with an erroneous charge they were forced to pay.

This was an aspect of the business we choose to leave absent from our daily operations. 


One thing we needed to address was truck maintenance which we had seen was lacking in almost every previous experience we have had in the industry.

This image shows a price comparison of hiring manpower versus the traditional full service move. Our cost (for two movers while you rent the truck) is 51 percent less expensive.


With the idea of being environmentally focused, we sought to find a company that was working to advance the idea of saving and protecting the environment while offering cutting edge equipment, that is well maintained, for trustworthy reliability.


Penske automatically jumped out at us. Not only is their customer service amazing but they also have one of the newest, well maintained fleets in the industry. Beyond that, they also are partnered with the EPA’s SmartWay Transportation Partnership which grades and reports on supply chain and transportation companies environmental impact. While transportation is a necessity in this new world, global economy, we as an industry need to be more forward thinking in our impact and what our actions mean to the future.

The other horse in the room…

The other issue was the lack of communication between those in the field and those back in the office.

Listening to those people who have first hand knowledge of what is happening and how to deal with it pushed us into starting our own company. We wished to have a community of workers who collaborate and work together to get the job done. Never should there be a time when those who are working towards a common goal to have a disagreement about policy or be defined as authority by their rank inside business. We enjoy having the ability to listen to any and all who are a part of the moving experience and we are always open to criticism about our service or how we can improve for the next job.

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