How to Pack Your TVs and Electronics For Your Gresham OR Move

There’s no doubt that technology is a pervasive part of our lives, with most people owning several electronic devices and TVs. But you never realize just how many TVs and electronics you have when you’re getting ready for a move. That’s why you need movers who are skilled in packing and relocating sensitive items like these in Gresham OR, a beautiful city nestled between the Columbia River Gorge and Mt. Hood.

This host to the legendary Mt. Hood Jazz Festival is a popular destination for people who want to relocate. Make sure the Gresham movers you choose know how to safely pack and move TVs and other electronic devices. Here are some tips if you’re handling the packing on your own.

Refer to the Product Manual

In order to protect your electronics in the best way possible during your Gresham OR move, your first step should be to check the product manual. If you don’t have the original paper manual, look it up online. The manufacturer will tell you the best way to store and pack the electronic device in question.

If you saved the original packaging, great. Use that for packing and transporting the device. It will give the best level of protection.

Pick Up Quality Packing Materials

If you don’t have the original packaging, gather all the proper packing materials and supplies necessary. You will need:

  • Cardboard boxes in a variety of sizes
  • Packing tape with dispenser or scissors
  • Permanent markers for labeling
  • Bubble wrap, packing paper, or old sheets and blankets

It’s helpful to pick up some flat screen TV boxes to fit the different sizes of your TVs. They usually come with foam corner cushions and screen protectors, which you can adjust to fit any size television, says Home Depot. Use one box for each TV. Don’t just cram two in there. If your TV is an older model and won’t fit in a flat box, wrap it in blankets and bubble wrap like you would with other awkward objects.

You may want to think about whether it’s worth keeping that old TV if you can afford to buy a new one once in the new house. A good rule of thumb is to toss your old TV or donate it if it’s more than seven years old. With a newer model, you’ll get more features and energy efficiency to enjoy, as well as better picture quality. A move is a good time to upgrade items like this.

Pack Your TVs

You can save yourself a lot of money by taking the proper steps now to secure your TVs for transport. If you do a shoddy job of packing them, there’s a higher risk of damage. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Take photos of all wires and cables that connect the TV and its accessories before disconnecting.
  • Remove the TV from the wall mount.
  • Remove any legs from the TV.
  • Clean the TV and all components.
  • Remove batteries from the remotes.
  • Organize the components. Group connecting cables, remotes and manuals with their associated devices.
  • Place the accessories in plastic baggies and label.

Pack and Label Boxes

Use plenty of bubble wrap, paper, or other protective materials such as sheets and old clothing when packing. Place one layer of bubble wrap on the sides, bottom, and top of each box so the electronics won’t shift around or get jostled. Wrap packing tape around the top, bottom, and sides to ensure the box won’t open in transit.

Use a marker to label each box. Be specific so the unpacking process will be easier on you. That said, some people prefer not to put the exact contents on the outside of the box if their belongings will be going to storage and they want to deter theft. In this case, you can write a code word on the outside of the boxes that will deter the potential for theft while allowing you to keep track of what’s inside.

Label Cords and Chargers by Color

It can be a pain to keep track of which cords and chargers go with their associated electronic devices. When disassembling and packing devices like computers and stereos, use a color coding system. You can place a colored sticker on the cord and put a corresponding color sticker with the associated device.

Then, in the new home, there will be no question as to what cord or charger plugs into what device. You can also create a master inventory of each item, placing this list in the box before sealing.

Use Moving Blankets

Large electronics such as TVs can be tough to move without damaging them, especially since most people don’t still have the original packaging. In this case, you can protect your devices with blankets or sheets, secured with tape.

Verify Storage Facilities

Not all moves line up perfectly. There could be days or weeks in between closings whereby you won’t know where to safely store your stuff until you can move in. In this case, call around to some storage places to get an idea of availability, cost and features. Some movers will coordinate this for you.

Ask about the security of each storage facility, as well as the temperature and humidity levels. You ideally want a climate-controlled unit to guard against damage, as extreme temperatures can ruin electronics.

Call Portland Move

Our Portland Move experts can bring you the supplies you need to safely pack and secure your TVs and other electronics in Gresham OR. We can also pack and move them for you. In addition to TVs, we can pack and move your other fragile items such as pianos and antiques. To start planning your budget, call us for a free quote at (971) 265-6029.


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