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Our Moving Checklist- Tips To Help You Move


Getting ready to move? Utilize our moving checklist to get you prepared for you upcoming move. Whether you are moving today, tomorrow or next year, being prepared is key in making your move go smoothly. Each section is broken up so that you can get prepared by focusing on the most important tasks before moving onto the things you can take your time with.

Moving Preparation

You Are 4 Or More Weeks From Your Move

  1. Create an inventory of what you are moving. You can submit this to your insurance company if you have additional coverages.
  2. Start donating any and all unwanted times. These include clothing and furniture.
  3. Contact all of your insurance companies and update them on where you will be moving to.
  4. Create a contact list of who all needs to be notified of your upcoming move.
  5. If you are renting your own truck, start checking for availability and what companies are offering specials?
  6. Arrange to shut off and transfer all utilities
  • Phone
  • Internet
  • Cable
  • Gas
  • Garbage

You Are 3-4 Weeks From Your Move

  1. It’s time to go out and purchase nay boxes that you may need for the move. If you need any assistance, let our professionals know, contact us.
  2. Make appointments with any new purchase delivery company’s (this is if you are buying new appliances or new furniture for your new place)
  3. If you feel so brash and energetic, wash and bag all draperies or go get your rugs steam cleaned!
  4. Double-check your list to see if there is anything that needs to be added to your moving list you had created earlier
  5. If you are renting your own truck, start checking for availability and what companies are offering specials?
  6. Dispose of any chemicals or paints that you do not want to take with you. REMEMBER, you need a special license to transport hazardous goods! Be safe and dispose of everything safely at your local landfill or recycling center)
Key to Moving

You Are 1-2 Weeks From Your Move

  1. Check over all of your furniture! Keep a detailed log of damages, marks or scuffs and keep it with your itemized packing list you created a couple weeks ago.
  2. Start setting aside and organizing the things you need to unpack first. We recommend setting them up in a corner of your home, away from the possessions that can wait to be unpacked.
  3. Start making arrangements for any accommodations for pets. Things go much easier on move day if your family’s furriest are safely relaxing at a friends or family members house.
  4. Get your keys ready! Whether this is for your storage or for your new place, make an extra set and keep it somewhere safe, unpacked, so you can get to them if your originals get lost during the move.
  5. Setup the rental reservation for your truck! You can always grab a couple extra boxes or moving supplies while you are at it, just in case.
  6. If you have any appliances that are going with you, give them a good clean.
  7. What you should have done by now…
  8. Truck Booked
  9. Boxes packed (except for the necessities)
  10. carpets cleaned and inventory taken
  11. Appliances cleaned
  12. A calm and happy house because you are doing great!

Less Than A Week Until Your Move

  1. This is the easy week. We know that it may have been difficult getting everything done ahead of your scheduled move but, aren’t you glad that you can focus on the small things now!
  2. Meal plans need to be made for you and/or your family. These should be simple for the rest of the time you are at home. If you can swing it, buy disposable plates and cutlery so you can toss it instead of having to do dishes. Plus you can have everything in your kitchen finally fully packed
  3. Make up your pets travel bag and, if you have kids and they will be away during the move, pack their stuff up as well.
  4. Build a box fort and explore the greatness of your packing skill!
  5. Start labeling the boxes while you are building your fort. We suggest using colored markers, Post-it Notes or colored masking tape. Give each room in your new place a color and attach that color to each box. (You save time by not having to direct box traffic on moving day.)
  6. Disassemble all relevant furniture. Desks, Bookcases… anything that may be a bit wobbly. If you have any plastic ZipLoc baggies you can put the parts that come off in them and tape them inside a drawer or on the back of furniture.
  7. This is a good time to pack your clothes. Wardrobe boxes are a get tool but if you do not want to pay for these boxes, check out our blog for some packing tips!
Day of Move

The Night Before And The Day Of Your Move

The Night Before


  1. Since all of the packing and staging is already done, and your boxes are marked as to where they go, you only have to make sure that your last bits and bobs are packed and ready to go.
  2. Drop off any pets or children where they need to be. If the night before works that great, if not, wait until moving day.
  3. Get a good Nights rest as moving day is busy.

The Day Of

  1. Start your day off right, wake up a bit early and have a great breakfast! You are going to need your energy today!
  2. Wait for the movers to arrive and give them a walk through. Make sure to explain any precious items that need special attention, tell them what things may need to be loaded first or last, and answer any questions that they may have for you.
  3. Once the loading starts, have a cup of tea or coffee and be available for any questions the movers may have for you.
  4. Once the load is done, double check that the movers have the correct address and meet them at your new home, or if there are multiple locations to load from, head to the next stop.
  5. Once at the unload location, set up your tape or Post-it Notes to mark the rooms for the movers.
  6. Once they arrive, or if they are already there, give the movers a quick walkthrough as to what goes where in your new place
  7. This is the fun part… The unload goes Very Quickly! Try your best to be of assistance in answering any questions that they may have but stand back and let them do their job.

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