Why People Might Be Interested in Moving to a Portland Suburb

Portland, despite being a big city, often differs from the familiar environments of other metro areas, for both positive and negative reasons. The city is a bustling, active urban location, and while plenty of people want to relocate to Portland, there are quite a few reasons why a nearby suburb might be a better option.

Read on to learn more about why people might be interested in moving to a Portland suburb rather than the city center. We’ll cover the pros and cons of living in Portland, as well as list the benefits of relocating to some of the most desirable suburbs in the area.

Benefits of Moving to Portland

The city of Portland presents a lot of benefits that get plenty of people interested in moving to the area. For example, the city is surrounded by greenery. Even within the urban areas, Portland has several parks that aim to preserve the natural environment while providing excellent walking and biking trails.

Further, getting around in Portland doesn’t have to be done by car. Walking in the city is quite doable, and Portland has a well-rounded public transit system.

There are always events going on in Portland and for people who enjoy art and culture, the city can be very friendly for creative minds. Plus, a variety of eateries and coffee shops are accessible at practically every street corner.

City Living Setbacks

While there are plenty of features that make Portland a great place to live, there is also a selection of setbacks that get many people to favor living in a nearby suburb. For one, living in the city can be incredibly expensive and finding a home in the competitive housing market only adds to the complications related to moving.

As with living or working in any large city, traffic in Portland is a hassle to deal with. The streets are often full of cars and traffic jams aren’t out of the ordinary even though public transportation is a well-used resource for many residents.

Finally, the city can be very busy, and making friends or finding diverse groups of people who closely match your cultural and/or ethnic identity can be hard.

Fortunately, though, living in the suburbs around Portland can help new residents enjoy the perks of the city while minimizing the downsides.

Let’s explore some of the most desirable suburbs in Portland so that you can find an area that truly speaks to you.

Portland Suburb Highlights

Overall, Portland suburbs are quieter, more affordable, and more community-centered areas than the inner city. Plenty of people who plan to move to Portland opt for the smaller, more spread-out neighborhoods within the suburbs. Each area has unique features that draw in like-minded individuals and families.


Beaverton is a nice, family-oriented area outside the urban area that’s a little more ethnically diverse than some of the other suburbs mentioned in this article. Further, Beaverton is relatively LGBTQ-friendly, and the ages of its residents vary significantly from children to seniors.


Fairview offers one of the more affordable housing markets in the Portland area, and it’s more on the diverse side when compared to other areas in Portland. Homes in this area are priced at just under $400,000 but compared to other Portland neighborhoods, residents stand to save about $150,000 when buying a home here.


Troutdale is a little more expensive than Fairview, but not by much, and it’s certainly more affordable than living in the city. Plus, this area isn’t far from Mount Hood, so ski enthusiasts have a quick and easy route up to the mountains. There are also a few nice fishing spots nearby.


The homes in Tigard are a little bigger than some of the square footage available in other suburban regions around Portland. Plus, this area is home to the Washington Square Mall, so convenient access to local shopping is a decent bonus.

St. Helens

St. Helens is another one of Portland’s more affordable areas when it comes to housing prices. Additionally, traffic is relatively reasonable in the area and for most of the year, it’s a decently quiet place. Residents who enjoy spooky season will love St. Helens because, as the location of Halloweentown, the area really gets into the spirit of October.


Sherwood is a little over half an hour outside of Portland and while it’s more affordable than inner-city real estate, Sherwood homes are typically priced around $500,000. This area is ideal for residents who like horses, as some Sherwood homes have enough yard acreage to accommodate horses. There are also several stables and equestrian centers nearby.


This suburb is only around 15 minutes away from Portland, so the commute is short for people who work in the city. The housing prices are relatively fair by Portland standards, with most Milwaukie houses pricing at around $475,000. Not to mention, riding bicycles around is easy in this area due to the bike paths, and residents can take advantage of buying local produce at the excellent farmer’s market.


The Gladstone suburb is about 30 minutes from Portland and it’s great for younger people as the nightlife in the area is plentiful. Plus, Gladstone is a relatively casual area for residents looking for a laid-back place to live.


Canby is a good choice for residents who need easy access to both Portland and Salem. It’s also ideal for retirees or people who are fond of golf.

Remember, these are only a few of the many suburban areas located around Portland, so if you’re still looking for the perfect place to move, you haven’t reached the end of your options. Gresham, Clackamas, Forest Grove, and Cornelius are also worth looking at, and those are only a few more out of the great selection of neighborhoods nearby.

When you have your mind made up, reach out to us at Portland Move. We’re a full-service moving company and the care we put into making moving easy for our customers makes us the best movers in the Portland area.

Interested in Moving to a Portland Suburb?

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